Rob Zuzin has been performing in the Baltimore region for over 20 years. His rock and roll background and energetic performances bring cover tunes and originals to life through a mixture of styles.  Whether the setting calls for instrumentals or fan favorites like the songs you've come to love and expect, his shows are never the same and each night is a unique and unforgettable experience.  Join the party!

Want to get good at music…or anything? Check out this article I published for last year’s web log…

18 things musicians do that can help you improve your performance…at anything.  

Does practice make perfect?  It depends on how you practice, of course.  Musicians learn quickly that homework is a requirement to play an instrument.  Most sign up willingly.  It can be very rewarding to watch as your technical ability on an instrument improves and usually happens most noticeably in the first few years of study.  This feeling of achievement is one of the reasons music is an important part of elementary…

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Sheet Music Video

Here are two songs from the latest recording, Platforms, with the sheet music in standard and tablature notation.  The pdf sheet music is available for all of the songs on the album at www.robzuzin.com/store


The new recording, Platforms is finished!  My latest all acoustic, all instrumental album features nine tracks of original music for solo guitar.  The songs balance intricate finger style playing with compact melodies and harmonic passages that explore the full range of the acoustic guitar. 

The songs of the album were arrived at organically.  Some of the rhythms grew from picking an electric guitar in a bar band over the years.  Some of the melodies were inspired by my experiences as a guitar teacher. …

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The Grille at Maple Lawn

I was a featured monthly act at the Grille for the past year.  The club has decided to close and I want to wish them all the best.  Thanks for the great memories.  Here's a clip from one of my shows...
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This Taylor Guitar and Move

I’m always amazed at the sounds I get from this Taylor guitar when I record it.  I used it for the previous record, On Steel Strings (it is the one I'm holding on the cover).  Hearing the playback of those tracks in the studio caught me by surprise at first.  Was that the same guitar coming through the monitors that was recorded moments earlier?  Rich, the engineer at the session, replied to my disbelief cooly by saying, “That’s what that guitar sounds like.”  The microphones and preamps played a part as…

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Maeve's Lament

Each of the nine songs on my latest record, Platforms, have a lot in common.  They are all performed using a picking technique that combines a finger style approach with the use of a flat pick.  This is called hybrid picking.  This is the “platform” that the songs for the album are based on.  They all feature syncopated melodies and strong bass lines and are best performed using the hybrid approach.  All are about the length of the modern pop song and use some variation of a strophic form.  Beyond these…

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Call Signs

Just wrapped the final mixes for the new recording. The audio mastering remains to be done, but I've posted one on the audio player at the bottom of the page. The fast picking aside, Call Signs, is one of the more atmospheric pieces on the record. It is a piece about reaching out to someone you want to talk to. Maybe someone you haven’t seen in a while. Radio operators identify themselves with letters referred to as call signs. They put these out over the airwaves to let you know who is…

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New Press!


My latest album On Steel Strings A Tribute To ABBA was recently featured on page 4 in issue #76 of ABBA INTERMEZZO, the official publication of the international ABBA fan club.  Here’s an excerpt of their review of the album: 
“…We had the opportunity to listen to this wonderful, laid back CD and can highly recommend it.  Rob’s very own versions of songs like ‘Take A Chance On Me,’ ‘Mamma Mia,’ and ‘Summer Night City’ are extremely beautiful.  The arrangements highlight the rhythmic and harmonic…

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The title was the inspiration for this piece.  Hacksaw.  What would a song with that title sound like?  It would have an opening statement consisting of the relentless doubling of the open high E string set up with hammered-on notes by the left hand. The bass would move across the three lowest strings establishing the key of E.  It would have to be E.  There is no finer key for a jagged rhythm on the guitar. 

It would not be clear if the key of E is major or minor, but hearing a D in the bass…

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The 3:30 Weblog

Musicians usually have a lot to say about being a musician, and I’m no different.  I just finished checking out Joe Satriani’s autobiography, and I could relate to his desire to share some of the finer points of his music that don't make it to the liner notes of the recording.  I’ve been doing this for a while here and on other websites. 

My new record, Platforms, is coming out soon (and news is still coming in about the last recording).  In light of this, I’ve decided to keep the title page blog of the…

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  The Origin and Meaning of CIRCLES

Circles is one of my latest compositions featured in the 2016 release, Platforms.  I began writing it a little over a hundred years after the music that inspired it was completed.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken?” was written in 1907 by Ada R. Habershon and Charles H. Gabriel.  I know this because I looked it up on Wikipedia.  The five verses support the sentiments of the familiar chorus featured in the  Carl Perkins song, “Daddy Sang Bass,”  which later had its popularity…

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The next recording:  Platforms

My last record, On Steel Strings A Tribute To ABBA, was a lot of fun to record and promote.  I’ve met a lot of great people throughout the entire process that I may not have otherwise.  It was also through this record that I came to truly appreciate what it is to have an international audience.  On Steel Strings was my first tribute album, which can be an exciting prospect when you consider that each note of the performance will be heard against the backdrop of the original…

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The international ABBA fan club, ABBA INTERMEZZO

Our friends at ABBA Intermezzo, the international ABBA fan club has shared a note about the album: On Steel Strings...

"Baltimore based guitarist Rob Zuzin has released his CD "On Steel Strings: A Tribute To ABBA", available on CDBABY & Itunes. "On Steel Strings" is an interpretation of some of the most loved ABBA songs performed in the most organic setting: unaccompanied steel string guitar..."

You can see the full posting at http://www.abba-intermezzo.de/ehome.htm

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On Steel Strings Album Review

Album Review by Jukka Tolppi, blogger, photographer, and artist from Finland. 

“The tribute album is made with love for the music, no matter labels; pop, rock, blues…this is ABBA music with no frills. Since ABBA as a group is no longer active this is the perfect choice for those who were left waiting for more. A new perspective to some of the greatest music of our time by an outstanding guitarist.  Rob Zuzin´s On Steel Strings: A Tribute to ABBA is a masterpiece featuring eight of ABBA´s classical songs.”
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So...why ABBA?

I get asked this question a lot.  My career in music rarely takes me in the direction of pop music and most that know me were initially surprised by the subject matter of my most recent release, On Steel Strings A Tribute To ABBA.  Typically, I can be found performing rock, classic rock, and some blues.  Sometimes a little bit of Jazz, Country, and Americana.  Because of this, I wasn’t surprised when someone would ask with a bit of a puzzled look, “So, why ABBA?”  In my mind, though, I felt that my music…Read more

In The News!!!

The latest release, On Steel Strings A Tribute To ABBA, has gone international thanks to a kind review from our new friends at the German website abba.de.  Since the review, folks have checked out the recording from Berlin, Moscow, Munich, Hamburg, Luxemburg, Tel Aviv, Bucharest, and many other cities around the world.  Thanks again to the publishers of the website.  It was an honor to be included.

Sold!: Leadbetter's Tavern

As you make your way down the busy cobblestone streets near the water in Fell’s Point, the only thing that stands between you and your favorite watering hole is a place to park.  You are just about to give up your search on the busy city streets and head toward the welcoming glow of the pay garage.  Along the way, you see your destination.  Leadbetter’s Tavern.  You peek through the line of parked cars and pedestrians to see who the performer will be on the dry erase marquee that hangs on the front door. …Read more

Thanks to my wonderful photographer, Dorret

In preparation for the latest album and media campaign, I had the joy of working with the very talented Baltimore photographer Dorret. She is a skillful artist who was not only able to capture some fine shots of my mug but make it a great time through the many poses and locations. It was a privilege to know and work with her.

She even came out to the CD release and took a few photos.  They are now up in the gallery.

Check out the rest of her work at www.dorret.com.


It's official...New Release in April!

On Steel Strings A Tribute to ABBA to be released in April! 

Rob's newest recording features ABBA's greatest hits arranged for solo acoustic guitar.  These enduring classics are given new treatment in this organic setting which maintains the craftsmanship of the original compositions in a way that fans of acoustic guitar music will love.  Songs like Chiquitita and Knowing Me, Knowing You with their memorable melodies will take you back in time.  You have never experienced ABBA's music this way.

Check out the…Read more

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