No Pigeon Holes Please

All songs are a manifestation of a unique feeling.  Not simply a feeling that we have quantified and given a heading in a list of human emotions, but an entirely independent emotional expression.  That same expression may be interpreted differently by the same listener at different times and differently by multiple listeners for sure.  I describe music as emotion because its depths cannot be fully expressed with words.  That is what makes it art.  It exists as a type of energy.  The effect and interpretation of this energy is subjective to the frame of mind of the observer. 

Music is generally consumed this way: as an emotion laden entity in the form of energy processed by an emotion laden listener who considers it within the context of previous experience, but it is can also be considered to be independent of such judgements.  So, when I look at it in this way, music is really what you make of it.  For now, I’m going to place all of this aside and sum up why I like the various forms of music I enjoy: 

I think of each piece of music I hear as a 
unique entity expressing it’s unique emotional  
DNA unlike any other piece.  I enjoy it for what it is.  

I’ll take it from any style or genre.  I followed listening to Gordon Stout’s Two Mexican Dances for marimba with AC/DC’s, For Those About To Rock, We Salute You

Both are brilliant stylistic expressions of their genre, and this is an important part of the DNA.  The classic anthem from the Australian rock group included the power-pop drum mix, overdriven guitar with unison bass, high pitched vocals that can only be half understood during the verses, and…canons!  The marimba piece, modern classical in its approach, blends contemporary harmony with a touch of avant-garde in a perpetual motion format.  Notes cascade around a tonic, rhythmically pushing and pulling at the performer’s request. 

These two styles are about as far apart as you can get musically, but I like them both for what they are.  I enjoy them because they are compelling, though the rock song is best when the premier audition occurs during one’s teenage years, while the solo marimba is best enjoyed after having acquired a taste for instrumental and classical performances.  I like them both equally, and I’m not sure I have a favorite genre of music for this reason:  

I refuse to be one thing.   

I specialize in instrumental acoustic guitar, but that could mean any number of genres.  And it does for me when I play.  Rock, jazz, finger style, even classical elements find their way into my performances.  The music I perform refuses to be one thing.

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